This course seeks to expose students to the contents, process and context of corporations doing

business across borders and to the areas and issues where scholarly research in International

Business can be conducted. Discussion will start by exploring the overall global environment

(macro level) impacting businesses and strategies used by companies around the globe to handle

increased competition, more complex operations and changing dynamics of doing business

beyond borders. After that students will be exposed to theories used in International Business

research and finally to areas of research in International Business.

Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to: ● Explain the rationale, discuss the justifications and elaborate on the appropriateness of the basis in doing scholarly research. ● Explain the underlying assumptions and limitations in the application of a specific research approaches and adoption of specific paradigms of research. ● Adopt and use relevant methodologies in the design of research, analysis of data, evaluation and synthesis the results and in explaining the phenomenon being studied or the issue being discussed.